train with us

Train with us

We offer a few memberships.

base membership

$100 / month

Access to the facility and unlimited training sessions. Great if you’ve already got your own coach or program.

team membership

+$25 / month

Be a part of the Group III team:

  • Team programming

  • Technique development

  • Meet prep and event coaching at LWC competitions

Discount is available for current high school / college students.

weightlifting class

$15 / class

Hands-on time with a coach in a group setting, focusing on skill acquisition. Lifters of any skill level are welcome, even if you’ve never touched a barbell before.


$10 / day

first visit is free

Out of town and looking for a place to train, or just want a change of pace? Come lift with us!

custom program


We’re happy to work with you to develop a customized training program to match your skill level and training age. It’s best to talk over your needs in person.