the idea

A Third Place

We’re weightlifters. It’s what brings us together. Most of us are working adults with responsibilities and we do this because we love it.

Group III Barbell was formed with the goal of providing a great third place. A place to go apart from work/home where you can train to succeed and socialize at the same time. A place to build each other up and cheer each other on - where every PR from 30 kilos to 230 kilos counts. Where you feel that you are important and that you belong.

We want you to be happy, to be a regular, and to be better.

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to be happy

What’s the point of a hobby if it doesn’t make you happy?

At first, the sounds of barbells slamming and sight of muscles straining is startling. Maybe even intimidating. Yet soon, the barbell creeps into your soul. Each perfect lift leaves you craving the next one.

When you train you know that your body, health, and mind are better for it.


to be a regular

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow.

Much time is spent trying to find a place or a group where we feel welcome, wanted, and comfortable.

There’s enough stress in life already. The gym should be a place full of humor and healthy competition with yourself. Strip off your pretenses and come as you are.

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to be better

There’s no better way to be happy and motivated in the gym than by setting new personal records. But, weightlifting is a problem not solved easily or quickly.

As certified coaches, we’ve got the experience to make you better whether you’re just getting started or well on your way to standing on the podium.