what is weightlifting?

It’s an frustratingly addictive sport. In short, load up a heavy bar on the ground and put it over your head.

Persons of all ages, shapes, and abilities can participate. Wearing spandex is encouraged,but not required.

what if I’ve never done if before?

Not a problem! Even champions had their “first day in the gym” moments. We can teach you everything you need to know.

do I have to compete?

Only if you want to be a weightlifter.

Seriously, nobody is going to make you compete. But once you do it you’ll be hooked.

Will group 3 make me stronger and better?

If you try hard enough, sure.

when can I train?

Our regular hours are on the contact page. We try to stick as close to them as possible, but since this is a hobby for us we occasionally have to adjust times.

can I dance?

If you don’t dance then you ain’t no friend of mine.