the team

The Team


Jon Alvarez

IT specialist by day, gym founder and head coach by night. Jon is a former IronMan who decided he didn’t want to do cardio any more. One of these days we think he’ll compete again.


Daniel Swank

Software engineer by day, weightlifter by night. Dan has been involved in strength sports for close to twenty years. He’s a master’s world champion, master’s national record holder, and the former president of Wisconsin Weightlifting. Despite his greying hair, he still competes at the national level and refuses to be relegated to the master’s division.


Matthew Prest

Product developer by day, weightlifter by night. After years spent cycling, the idea of standing in one spot to train was too inviting for Matt to turn down.


Lucy Bergenthal

College student by day, weightlifter by night. Lucy began weightlifting in 2017 after her career as a gymnast come to an end. She’s our best hope for a senior-level podium finish.


This is what every Weightlifting gym should be.
— MH